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Richard L. Warren
330 Main Street
PO Box 335
Wilsons Mills, NC 27593

5718 Larpin Lane
Alexandria, VA 22310

Office: (301) 492-4660
Mobile: (910) 514-7776


A seasoned Business Information Systems and Technology Executive seeking an opportunity to leverage both broad and deep private-service and public-sector experience to help envision, articulate, enable, and accomplish transformational change by combining expertise in staff development and leadership, program and project management, product development, architecture design, resolving business issues through cutting-edge technologies integrated with core systems of record, and extensive publishing, printing, and electronic media background. Exceptional leadership capabilities, with proven ability to apply vision and innovation to organizational transformation while preserving core business operational and security processes; change agent with experience leading improvements and growth both organically and externally.
    • 25+ years of technology and leadership experience delivering exemplary performance even in the most demanding, controversial, and complex assignments.  Repeatedly recruited for proven IT firefighting, transformation, and innovation expertise.
    • Sharp focus on building IT departments that thrive on continual improvement and innovation
    • Versatility, adaptability, and willingness to tackle new responsibilities; self-assured, assertive, self-confident, and aggressive
    • Unusually well-rounded combination of roles (Board of Directors, Division President, CIO, CTO, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Software Architect, and Chief Marketing Officer), experience with major accounts (Ford, Bank of New York, Government, Martha Stewart), and education (MBA in e-Business, PhD candidate in Information Technology specializing in Project Management)
    • Enjoys excellent rapport with clients, subordinates, colleagues, superiors, business partners, and vendors by building and maintaining strong interpersonal working relationships and through demonstrated ability to exceed business goals and achieve significant bottom line success
    • Committed to fostering a cohesive and productive workplace environment
    • Strong strategic and analytical skills, with natural, instinctive troubleshooting skills
    • Ability to implement improvements to productivity, employee morale, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency through strategic planning, motivation, open communication, and employee development
    • Demonstrated ability to adapt work practices, management approach, and technology goals in continually changing environment, ensuring continued alignment with mission-critical business objectives
    • Exceptional communications skills and accomplishments including COMDEX and numerous other conference presentations, trade press articles, two gold and one silver medal from the International Film and Television Festival of New York, and numerous Computer Channel programs.
    • Track record of project completion well within time and budget constraints while creating exceptional stakeholder value
    • Inactive Top Secret Clearance with access to Specially Compartmented Information (TS/SCI)


    • Strategic Planning & Envisioning
    • Goal Alignment
    • Change Management
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Internet Strategy & Execution
    • Operational Improvement
    • Investment Rationalization
    • Program & Project Management
    • Product Development
    • Cloud Sourcing
    • Service Delivery
    • Infrastructure Management
    • Process Automation
    • Executive Coaching
    • IT & Business Process Team Development
    • Industry Thought Leadership
    • Application Lifecycle Management Expertise


Executive Office of the President

U.S. Digital Service, August 2014 – Present
Supervisor:  Jennifer Anastasoff, (415) 596-1278
    • Voluntary assistance to help USDS stand-up as a new federal organization, at the request of the Chief Federal audemars piguet replica Enterprise Architect
    • Providing assistance for both recruiting-related systems selection, customization, and implementation and procurement-related process adjustments to accommodate digital playbook and TechFAR
    • Provided acquisition strategy review for $24B VA Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation (T4NG)

Office of Management & Budget, Office of E-Government & Information Technology (E-Gov), March 2013 – Present
Supervisor:  Dr. Scott Bernard, Chief Federal Enterprise Architect, (202) 395-3088 (you may contact)
      • Voluntary detail to take the Federal CIO Council Shared Services initiative to the next level
      • Coordinating Shared Services offerings and enterprise architectures across all federal departments and agencies
      • Upgrading MAX “Uncle Sam’s List” shared services catalog and web application to accommodate technical documents including enterprise architectures and acquisition workforce documents to facilitate organizational and acquisition adoption, based on extensive web-based development expertise in the private sector.

Supervisor:  Tim McCrosson, Senior Policy Advisor, (202) 503-6216
      • Chosen by the PMI Executive Team as one of three federal Program/Project Managers to provide counsel to the CIO’s E-Gov and IT office related to project management
      • Counselled that, unless it is underpinned by an actual Project Management Information System (PMIS), the federal IT Dashboard is simply a façade for the propagation of bad information.  Demonstrated a PMIS-based system developed for EPA and HHS, available for immediate use
      • Counselled that antiquated life-cycle artifacts germane only to mainframe, waterfall development cycles in most federal departments and agencies are eating up innovation investments instead of actually making any real contribution to the intended innovations.
      • Counselled that the OPM 2200 Job Family Specification that drives all of the 2210 series federal positions totally lacks any academic degree achievement context which drives the promotion of technologically obsolescent staff skills, dampening state-of-the-art efficiencies and innovation.

Project Management Institute

Federal Executive Roundtable, February 2009 – Present
Supervisor:  Michael Morgan, (202) 772-3591
    • Represented EPA project management professionals in this inter-agency group convened bi-monthly to share EPM best-practices across agencies and departments
    • Represented HHS project management professionals in this inter-agency group convened bi-monthly to share EPM best-practices across agencies and departments
    • EPM@EPA presentation at the PMI-sponsored session of FOSE 2012
    • Federal IT Dashboard: Fact or Façade presentation at the PMI-sponsored session of FOSE 2013


PhD Candidate – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Specializing in Project Management, Capella University, Current
MBA –  E-BUSINESS, University of Phoenix, 2005
B.S. – SOCIOLOGY, University of the State of New York, 1992


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Program Support Center, Bethesda, MD
Supervisor:  Tim Brown, (301) 492-4942
    • Recruited to rescue a failing/failed digital strategy program and constituent projects after having done so in the private sector for Martha Stewart, Reba McEntire, and many others.
    • Stanched the $1.2M lifecycle documentation investment and redirected effort by the existing contractor team to value-producing activity, with lifecycle documentation flowing from the enterprise architecture model as the result of progress toward business goals, not as a barrier to them.
    • Invoked both program/project management and methodological reforms enabling the contractually proposed agile approach and freeing the analysts and developers to refocus on value-based user stories vice process-based documentation mandates.
    • Invoked development and project management integration through an integrated project management information system (PMIS) with real-time project status reporting and dashboards (modeled after the federal IT dashboard) but reflecting project ground-truth from a PM perspective.
    • Closed the base year of the contract 24% under budget, back on schedule after only 4½ months, with expanded and detailed strategic envisioning and scope on a much more resilient and available infrastructure platform.
    • Restored executive team confidence is the ability of the team to deliver on defined business goals with a solution, methodology, governance, and platform that is delivering sustainable competitive advantages to PSC.

Syracuse University
Guest Instructor, January 2015 – Present
Supervisor:  Dr. Scott Bernard, Executive Professor, (202) 365-7135

    • Guest Instructor for IST-725, IT Security Architecture, Spring 2015.  Introduces concepts and practices, using an organization-wide enterprise architecture as context. The purpose of an IT security architecture is to ensure proper levels of information confidentiality, integrity, and availability are provided for an organization's information and data.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Water Project Management Office, Washington, DC                  
PMO PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM LEADER, February 2009 – December 2012 and June 2013 – November 2013
Supervisor: Thomas Dabolt, (202) 564-1450

    • Developed and implemented program and project management policies, processes and best practices for the Office of Water Project Management Office; presently leading Enterprise Project Management platform prototype to facilitate process design and implementation, as well as attainment of CMM level 3.  Awarded Agent of Organizational Change in recognition of significant progress in implementing process or management changes that lead to a highly efficient and effective organization. Worked across the agency to build coalitions within each major office toward common Enterprise Project Management (EPM) goals.
    • Selected to lead U.S. EPA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act project, accounting for more than 85% of EPA’s $7.4B allocation under the Act.  Awarded the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act National Honor Award (Silver Medal) in recognition of outstanding contribution.
    • Lead pioneering web transformation of Office of Water content from static HTML and ColdFusion environment to fully managed web content management system including all facets of system design, staff transformation, and content migration of over 100,000 pages years ahead of agency initiative.
    • Sought out across the agency for ability to combine and apply strategic analysis, transformational innovation, and best-practices to a wide variety of business technology subject areas.
    • Developed staff competence in Enterprise Project Management (EPM) and maturity in applying PMI methodology to all projects in the Office of Water.  Achieved 50% increase in credentialed PM competence with an additional 35% still in progress.
    • Implemented codified Enterprise Architecture platform to enable integrated business modeling (using Business Process Modelling Notation 2.0 standard), functional requirements identification and decomposition, application development pattern implementation with complete traceability from statutory authorities, agency policies, to use case implementations.  Applies comprehensive knowledge of application lifecycle management, user interface, middleware, data, and operating environment tiers in conjunction with extensive program and project management expertise to produce an end-to-end enterprise architecture, program and project management, and integrated application lifecycle development platform.
    • Consistently ensured alignment of technology projects with long-range agency goals by applying prudent business judgment to decisions related to information resources management.
    • Serve as Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative on multiple contracts. Leading the effort within the Office of Water to move to FAC-P/PM credential and career progression series through collaboration with multiple offices.
    • Instrumental in establishing a $25M omnibus contract for application development with integrated project management and change management frameworks to support integrated project management and application development lifecycle processes with test-driven-development (TDD).
    • Participate on agency standards committee as an alternate for the Information Management Officer.  Assigned to support Senior Information Officer in performance of agency infrastructure board (QTS) activities driving agency progress toward modernization from extensive background in the private-sector.  In accomplishing such support, ability to translate key business concepts and drivers into appropriate strategies and tactics in highly visual formats that reduces complexity while accelerating decision-making by supported senior executives is critical.

Supervisor:  Oscar Morales (SES)

    • Detailed as Acting Branch Chief, System Design & Development Branch, GS-15, to introduce project, program, and portfolio management disciplines, application life cycle management discipline, enterprise architecture integration, and IT investment management methodology to the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.
    • Returned to Office of Water when incumbent concluded detail to the Office of the Administrator.

Academic Sabbatical, PhD (Candidate) in Information Technology
Specializing in Project Management, Capella University, February 2008 – Present

Channel Blade Technologies
Virginia Beach, VA                                                                                
Supervisor: David Rayne (281) 299-6891 (you may contact)                    
CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, September 2006 – February 2008

    • Recruited to rescue a failing solution application built atop an aging and increasingly failing technology platform.
    • Directed complex technology transformation for fast-growing provider of online marketing and lead management solutions, enabling scalability of platforms, applications, and technical processes; turned around a failing production platform and dysfunctional IT environment with innovative ideas and change management control.
    • Designed, planned, budgeted, and implemented state-of-the-art technology infrastructure virtualization transformation to facilitate technology research, software development, testing, and customer support functions. Increased platform availability by 47% and reduced operational cost by 35%. Recognized by Sun Microsystems (now a part of Oracle), as a Small to Midsize Business (SMB) virtualization leader in their quarterly analyst call.
    • Developed, managed, and hosted over 1,800 web sites using the transformed infrastructure including over 85% of all U.S. marine dealers (including the nation’s largest, www.marinemax.com) and over 50% of all U.S. recreational vehicle sites.
    • Managed project portfolio and implemented effective project management and version/deployment management processes achieving 42% improvement in on-time, on-budget project delivery.
    • Introduced customized agile methods, processes, and tools that re-focused product development efforts to support long-range organizational goals and increased marketability in a changing industry.
    • Hired, mentored, trained, managed and evaluated 5 direct reports and 42 indirect reports, including PMP-certified project managers and project management interns; improved team morale and productivity despite difficult market dynamics.
    • Managed $6M+ operational budget and $1.5M+ CAPEX budget, with responsibility for cost control; reduced overhead by 40%.

Microlink, LLC
Vienna, VA                                                                                            
Supervisor: David Truitt, CEO (703) 288-9696 (you may contact)             

    • Designed, developed and implemented complex technology solutions for government agencies and Fortune 500 clients, including the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Department of Defense, General Motors, and Cap Gemini.
    • Identified key business requirements and designed customized technologies to meet those requirements in key business areas including messaging and collaboration systems and enterprise content search and management solutions.
    • Implemented project management processes that streamlined and facilitated organizational change by linking technical functions with financial management and customer relationship management.
    • Led complete product development life cycle for four software applications.
    • Cultivated strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft and Cognos.
    • Reduced risk and improved project management control by developing scalable, repeatable templates and plans for consulting engagements.
Academic Sabbatical, MBA in E-Business
March 2003 – March 2005

Internosis, Inc.
Arlington, VA                                                                                         
Supervisor: Robert Stalick, CEO (not available); contact info not known    
    • Developed intellectual property strategies and provided IT thought leadership to Fortune 500 clients.
    • Defined technology project management processes and infrastructure for newly acquired professional services arm of EMC.
    • Identified and cultivated strategic partnerships and relationships with key clients such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bank of New York, Pfizer and Verizon, ensuring prosperity during an industry downturn.
    • Maintained organizational growth rate while reducing costs and maximizing profit margin by packaging consulting services.
    • Oversaw application and solution development, managing the work of 12 direct reports and 150+ indirect reports; mentored, evaluated, coached and trained senior technology staff.
    • Consulted the Bank of New York and Ford Motor Company on operational and architectural best practices for data-center integration with real-time, Internet-based customer self-services web systems, maintaining system-of-record primacy while increasing customer service through 24x7 availability.
    • Project leader for the U.S. Army email transformation adopting Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 (pre-release) for over 250,000 users. Led the Active Directory/LDAP design and integration efforts to provide a scalable security and authentication context for the entire Department of the Army directory structure.

Appnet, Inc.
Bethesda, MD                                                                                       
Supervisor: Ken Bajaj, CEO (not available); contact info not known          

    • Full P&L responsibility for and leadership of a $125M/yr division of the enterprise.
    • Developed and executed technology strategies necessary to support multiple subsequent acquisitions, which included the integration of a Microsoft-based architecture with ones based on other technologies.  
    • Promoted to lead startup and growth of Microsoft-centric services component to a multi-million dollar organization that ultimately sold for $2.1B.
    • Directed, mentored, and evaluated a staff of 20 direct reports and up to 200 indirect reports; coached and trained senior technology professionals.

Judd’s Online, Inc.
Winchester, VA                                                                                     
Supervisor: Dave Glick (not available); contact info not known                 

    • Capitalized on the explosive growth of the emerging Internet by founding an entirely separate online publishing and e-commerce company within Judd’s, Inc. while simultaneously fulfilling role as corporate Vice President for Information Services.
    • Oversaw development of innovative products such as Microsoft’s Merchant Server 1.0; assisted Bill Gates with demonstration during official product launch.
    • Directed the work of 30 dedicated team members during a period of extremely rapid technological change, providing career path development and thought leadership opportunities to a rapidly growing cadre of Internet professionals.
    • Built and managed relationships with such internet site clients as Staples, American Diabetes Association, and the Salvation Army; served as exclusive web builder/host/manager for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, with responsibility for initial launch and development of multi-media online suite required for initial public offering.
    • Led the design, development, and implementation of Electronics Boutique (now EBWorld) mainframe LOB systems with emerging online, Internet protocol services providing business continuity in the context of rapidly expanding market segment.

Judd’s, Inc.
Strasburg, VA                                                                                       
Supervisor: Bill Rembold (not available); contact info not known               

    • Recruited to help rescue an increasingly obsolete and directionless IT department by developing and implementing a defined technology strategy for transformation of a 129-year-old magazine and catalog printer into a digital process-based industry leader, with customers such as Time Warner, Newsweek, The Economist, Billboard Publications, and Fast Company
    • Identified and implemented appropriate technology infrastructure and processes, including a totally digital filmless workflow and a data warehousing system.
    • Led development of the first filmless commercial magazine issue ever printed, a special issue of Life magazine, by not only envisioning the process, planning, and executing the transformation, but building the staff coalitions needed to embrace and make cathartic process changes possible across an entrenched process enterprise.
    • Strengthened data center operations and security and integrated mainframe systems with distributed, client-server infrastructure to achieve high availability necessary for digital process transformation.  Designed and implemented multi-terabyte online storage subsystem needed for storage of printing plate images used for filmless plate-making processes that directly integrated with and supported plant floor printing operations.
    • Led the Y2K transformation of all mainframe accounting applications and platforms to ensure early compliance with and avoidance of potential Y2K complications including directly related line-of-business integrations with plant production and quality systems.
    • Played instrumental role in 4.5% improvement in market position, which resulted in successful corporate sale to Perry Graphic Communications
    • Earned InformationWeek’s “Fast Track 500” award for innovative achievements in printing industry


U.S. Navy Lieutenant (Retired), 1970 – 1992   
Assignments: Director, Technical Services Department, Atlantic Intelligence Command; Acquisition Program Manager for HQ driving $75M/yr acquisition program for all reconnaissance and imaging technology, Naval Air Systems Command Headquarters; Tactical & Strategic Reconnaissance Officer, Battle Force SIXTH Fleet (1983) and SEVENTH Fleet (1988). Two gold and one silver medal (Multimedia), International Film and Television Festival of New York.


    • Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute
    • Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP), Project Management Institute
    • Program & Project Management (FAC-P/PM) Level III, Expert Certification, Federal Acquisition Institute
    • Acquisition Program Manager (APM), U.S. Navy
    • Contracting Officer Representative (FAC-COR), Federal Acquisition Institute
    • Microsoft Certified IT Professional for Enterprise Project Management (EPM)
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Professional


    • Speaking engagements:  May, 2013, FOSE, Workshop leader sponsored by PMI, Extending the Federal IT Dashboard; October, 2012, SharePoint 2010 for Corporate Communications Summit, Speaker, Project Management using SharePoint; April, 2012, Share Conference, Speaker, Extending Project Server Dashboards in SharePoint; March, 2012, Microsoft Project Conference, Speaker, EPM@EPA – Increasing PM Maturity through Platform Structure.
    • Panel participation:  May & October, 2012, PMI Government Leadership Panel, April, 2013, PMI Government Leadership Panel
    • Case Studies:  Microsoft Corporation
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